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In BEC we have a set of sail shades with standard dimensions. There are 15 different shapes and 2 different ranges of fabrics:


1. Permeable fabrics. Soltis 92


2. Waterproof fabrics. Precontraint 502


The sail shades are hung up thanks to a mast with an anchor system. You can design and use it as you want: during the summer period as sun protection, for avoiding some undesired looks, as rain protection or for enjoying the freshness of the night. These sail shades can be dismounted and ordered very easily.


The sail shades of this series are made with a double sewed fabric tied with a tough reinforcement in each corner. A buttonhole is also installed in order to tie it with the anchor system. This fabrication way makes easy the folding and the storage.


We offer a wide range of colors in the two ranges of fabrics and accessories so you can acquire the information needed to install and enjoy a better environment.


If there are no sail shades matching with your preferences, we can design and customize your product.

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