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“Fortunately when the work is finished, the problems and the good and bad points go away; it remains above all the deep impression to have worked with a team technically well prepared, able to solve with enthusiasm any emergency and with a big experience about all what may happen during the ephemeral mountings, expositions, the installations… A good amount of technical preparation, four pinches of experience, some droplets of fearlessness and a stream of cordial humanity look to me the ingredients of the BEC cocktail that can prepare Boadas himself.”

Ignasi de Solà-Morales, architect.

“Margaret Thatcher said that the collaborator she preferred was her minister of Economy because he never came for exposing problems but to purpose solutions: lapidary sentence for all those who have to work in team. Because of that I like collaborating with the Miserachs because they almost never come with problems but they rack one’s brains for finding solutions.”

Oscar Tusquets, architect.

“What does remain from the work exhibited in a curriculum? From my point of view, the guarantee that one of best companies for pitching expositions, museums, presentations, events and great original movements is BEC Industries. There are other ones with quality but not a lot of with the infrastructure, the significance and the imagination of BEC.”

Santi Giró, interior designer.

“I have often had the chance and the opportunity to work with BEC for going to all the continents for making ephemeral exhibitions. We have installed the stages from Japan to America for presenting our works. The value of the moment has never been so exemplified, so well treated as when we have counted with the imagination of BEC Industries. Being able to capture, transform, exhibit, seduce, envelop… suddenly, in a moment, the product or the idea requires from a wise technique able to take part either in the execution and transformation of the genuine of the first interpretation or in its management. The continuous work of BEC Industries goes beyond the services assistance world to become creators.”

Josep M. Botey, architect.

“The BEC people are active and bright. They usually do not stop in view of problems, the resolve them with agility and constructive dignity. I am totally convinced of the large technical ability of many companies, called small, of this sector. The case of BEC illustrates the long Catalan tradition in which the technical and operative ability go together with a carefully commercial relationship.”

Miquel Espinet, architect.

“There exist challenges of creativity and imagination that only can be satisfying if the there is a good preparation, large experience, imagination and creativity for all the topics. Besides it requires enthusiasm and sacrifices. BEC Industries and other companies we count since the ’92 challenge goes on fighting for making the impossible possible and creating imaginary worlds like the pavilion of the Navigation which was visited by 42 millions persons and which was elected as best pavilion of the Expositions.”

Ginés Aparicio, engineer of bridges and roads.

“Working with BEC Industries has always been a great satisfaction. Our friendly and collaborative relation helps us for carrying out the work quickly and without difficulties. Everything is foreseen: materials, shipping, required human resources… Their organization is efficient because the team works with enthusiasm and with the heart.”

Aurèlia Muñoz, artist.

“Years ago, the architect Coderch said to his student when he explained how to build up a house in the countryside: “Ask to the pastor”, referring that there was nothing better than asking to an experienced person to know how to do something. Salvador Miserachs, the orchestra-man has been this pastor in different occasions; with a fighting, enterprising spirit and constant improvement that spread to people who works with. BEC is a company where the project is the leader, where the important thing is not the potential or the dimensions of things but the system and the method used for making the project possible. An area where the ideas become real.”

Ignasi Bonjoch, designer.

“Industrias BEC has always demonstrated ability and mastery typical of artisans of others times, with current techniques and materials.”

Jaume Mutlló, architect.

“I would like to take profit of the opportunity to confess you that our complete catalogue is for me a bedside book that often helps me to take design decisions. I really appreciate the dimension and the approach of your company; and also the fact that it is a hand-crafted company which uses accurate technologies.”

Cristian Cirici, architect.

“During the construction process of the elements, BEC Industries showed a great interest for all parties were in agreement about the spirit of the project, solving the problems with intelligence and ingenuity. These are characteristics, which associated with an important ability of work and with a good amount of envy, should lead to a great result. According to me, the secret of BEC Industries is the fact they consider the project as something itself and getting fully involved. On the other hand, they are cheerful…”

Juan Pablo Rodríguez Frade, architect.

“BEC is a company which works on the limit between architecture and publicity. As I am Japanese, I clearly notice the difference between these two worlds. BEC has the sensibility for working in the frequently frenetic world of publicity as well as for working in the stricter world of architecture. BEC has the sensibility for being able to traduce the ephemeral images, virtually created, in a figure. Working with BEC is something comfortable and reassuring because you are immersed in this actual, avant-garde and contemporary concept and you go further than what you could imagine.”

Shuichi Kobari, architect.

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