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1. Title


The INDUSTRIAS BEC company, S.A. with CIF (company tax code): A-08703936 and registered address in the Calle d'en Draper, Number 3, Postal Code 08350, Arenys de Mar, Barcelona, Spain, is registered in the Commercial Register of Barcelona, Volume 351, Page 240.


INDUSTRIAS BEC, SA. is holder of the domain bec.es and also the website www.bec.es. Para contactar con INDUSTRIAS BEC, SA. you can do it via the pre-cited address or by Phone: 0034 93 792 46 77, Fax: 0034 93 792 49 22, eMail: bec@bec.es



2. Object


INDUSTRIAS BEC, SA. makes available for the public (USER) that accesses to the internet website www.bec.es, the services that this company offers. The contents of this website are provided and created by the holder.


Moreover, the present legal terms have as purpose the establishment of General Conditions that regulates the navigation, responsibilities, data treatment and jurisdiction applicable for the website www.bec.es for all the USERS, by means of, if the USER considers that the regulation cited in the present Legal Terms are not conform, INDUSTRIAS BEC recommends him not to use the website. The simple access or the navigation on www.bec.es necessarily involves the submission and the full agreement, without reserves, of all and each regulations included in the Legal Terms.


INDUSTRIAS BEC, SA. previously recommends that the USER reads in details and carefully the present Legal Terms each time that he wants and makes the use of the cited website, due to the fact it could be updated or present some modification. For that reason, INDUSTRIAS BEC, SA. reserves the right to carry out, at all times and without notification, any modification, correction, suppression or updating of the contents, services, and structure of the whatever elements that are part or integrate the exhibition, design, programming and configuration of the website www.bec.es.



3. Intellectual and Industrial Property


The USER recognizes that the web pages that are part of www.bec.es, the contents of this pages, the texts, the pictures, the graphs, the icons, the brands, the logos, the digital fingerprints, video and audio files, and also the structure, graphic design and codes, are intellectual property of INDUSTRIAS BEC, SA. or in the case, of third parts, except what it is specified.


The cession, reproduction, public diffusion by any types of mediums, transformation and dis-compilation of the contents of the present website are forbidden, except the cases that are legally permitted or authorized by the holder of the rights. For this reason, the USER is authorized to reproduce and store temporarily the contents, for personal use and not for commercial or professional purposes.


It is forbidden to use the contents of the website for promoting, contracting or broadcasting advertising or own information or from third persons without the authorization of INDUSTRIAS BEC, SA. , neither broadcast advertising or information of the services or information that are available for the USERS, independently of the utilization free or not.


INDUSTRIAS BEC, SA. will not be responsible, in any case and under any concepts, of the violations of whatever of the cited rights that could be violated by the USER.



4. Responsibilities


4.1. Access to the site


The present website has been designed for being visited and visualized, using a minimal resolution screen of 1024 x 728 pixels. For this reason, the web browser used for optimizing the website is: Microsoft Internet Explorer, version 7.0 or superior.


The access and the navigation via the website www.bec.es will be free and independent from the technology costs and provider contracted by the USER on his own account for getting access to internet. For this reason, the hardware and software necessary for access to the web will be the responsibility of the USERS. INDUSTRIAS BEC, SA. will not be responsible of the use, neither of its consequences or the rights of use or the required licenses for its utilization.


INDUSTRIAS BEC, SA. will be neither responsible of any anomaly, wrong use, deterioration, suppression of data or software that occurs in the equipments or systems of the USERS, as direct or indirect consequence of the access or access attempt of the web.


The user access and use of this website do not involve any obligation about the quality and the speed of access from INDUSTRIAS BEC, SA. that could modify the conditions of access or suspend the access to the website, or part of it, without notification. INDUSTRIAS BEC, SA. will not be responsible of the consequences and damages caused by the modification of the access and the suspension of the website.


Likewise, INDUSTRIAS BEC, SA. will not be responsible of the breakdowns or technical incidences, which could occur, derived of the use of diverse technological resources necessary for the publication of a web space like: Web Servers, Data Centers, high velocity data connections, interconnections with Internet and Phone providers, elements of electric supply, network and security devices, etc.


4.2. Conditions of utilization


Any people who access, visit, navigate or use the website www.bec.es, and whom is attributed the condition of USER, will be the unique responsible of the violations that could occur or prejudices that could be caused by the use of the present website.


The USER will be responsible to bring reliable, truthful and lawful personal information in the case of contacting by whatever available means, in the present website, in order to request information about the professional services published in this site. For this reason, INDUSTRIAS BEC, SA. commits itself that the collection and the treatment of this data will be in agreement with the LOPD and with the Private Policy, exposed further in this same Legal Terms.


The USER will commit himself to use the website without committing activities that could be considered unlawful and affect the rights and the morals of INDUSTRIAS BEC, SA. or third parts. It is especially forbidden the use of the website in order to affect technically, deliberately, the service and the operation of the own website www.bec.es, web server or any other technological resources of INDUSTRIAS BEC, SA. or from a third part.


In consequence, INDUSTRIAS BEC, SA. could charge this USERs, who makes a wrong use of the website, causing damages to third parts, and also for the possible virus and computer programs that could be introduced, generate, stay in the web space, and deteriorating or able to deteriorate the contents as well as the good operation of the contents, the equipments, systems and programs of the USERs of the website.


INDUSTRIAS BEC, SA. could address against the USERs about all the complaints, indemnities, fines or administrative sanctions that fall on INDUSTRIAS BEC, SA. and that are the direct or indirect responsibility of some USER who has carried out any type of deliberate bad action on the contents and services of the website.


Any USER who knows some actions that are deteriorating o can deteriorate the good operation of the website www.bec.es, modify or alter the contents, has to communicate it immediately to INDUSTRIAS BEC, SA.


4.3. Contents


The languages used by INDUSTRIAS BEC, SA. in the website www.bec.es are the Spanish, the Catalan and the English, without prejudice of utilization of other languages. INDUSTRIAS BEC, SA. is not responsible for the incomprehension or understanding of the language by the USER in this website, neither of the consequences.


The present website has been created, designed and programmed for making knowing the services, business fields, interests and profile of INDUSTRIAS BEC, SA. , by which the company will put the resources necessary in order to maintain updated the contents published in the website. For this reason, INDUSTRIAS BEC, SA. is not responsible for the continuity of this contents and can not guarantee the non-existence of errors inside.


By the previous part, INDUSTRIAS BEC, SA. is not responsible of the decisions that can be taken following the interpretation of the information present in the site, neither of the damages and prejudices that could occur on physical or juridical persons from the actions based, exclusively, on the information and contents of the website.


INDUSTRIAS BEC, SA. can not guarantee possible infections with damaged programs, like computer virus, worms, etc. of the contents for which INDUSTRIAS BEC, SA. is not responsible for the damages and prejudices that could occur in the computer systems of the USER or third part if they are contaminated with the damaged programs. From the INDUSTRIAS BEC, SA. part, all the necessary means have been taken for guaranteeing the technological quality and integrity of the contents, using the reasonable resources to reach it and up to the limits of the technology. The USER has the responsibility to have installed in his computer systems the suitable tools for the detection, the blocking and the disinfection of damages programs.


INDUSTRIAS BEC, SA. could modify the contents without notification, like suppressing and changing it in the website, or changing the way to access to it, without justification and freely.


4.4. Links or hyperlinks


INDUSTRIAS BEC, SA. will allow, without express need of authorization, that others websites from a third part can establish links or hyperlinks to www.bec.es or to any pages of this site, if they are considered like a link to an useful source of information.


The links or links that incorporate third parts, from their web pages to this website, will be for the opening of the full web page. They could not show directly or indirectly false, inexact or confused indications, neither doing unfair or illicit actions against INDUSTRIAS BEC, SA.


INDUSTRIAS BEC, SA. does not allow that web pages from third parts with illegal, obscene contents, or which attempt against the morality or the rights of INDUSTRIAS BEC, SA. or third parts, establish links to the site www.bec.es or to any pages of the cited website. INDUSTRIAS BEC SA. is not responsible as well of the contents, neither of the technical efficiency of the website of third parts that could establish hyperlinks to www.bec.es or to any pages. INDUSTRIAS BEC, SA. is not responsible neither of the right operation of the link established from web pages from third parts to the website www.bec.es.


INDUSTRIAS BEC, SA. claims that the establishing of links, from web pages of third parts to any pages of the site www.bec.es, can not presuppose the existence of any type of contractual relation, agreement, sponsorship, responsibility, representation or recommendation from the part of INDUSTRIAS BEC, SA. to the website from where the link is produced.



5. Treatment of personal data


In agreement with the established Organical 15/1999 Law about the Protection of Private Data, the data requested to the users on the website www.bec.es will be kept in an Automatic Private Data File whose the holder is the company INDUSTRIAS BEC, SA. , with CIF (company tax code): A-08703936 and registered address in the Calle d’en Draper, Number 3, Postal Code 08350, Arenys de Mar, Barcelona, Spain.


The user could freely, voluntarily and with express knowledge, ease the private data when he contacts INDUSTRIAS BEC, SA. by any way of communication in the present website. The user is responsible as well to give reliable, truthful and lawful information and he commits himself to communicate any modification of them. If the data are incomplete, non-updated, containing errors or having no interest anymore or not necessary anymore, INDUSTRIAS BEC, SA. commits itself to delete them from the automatic file.


5.1. Purpose of the Data


INDUSTRIAS BEC, SA. will use this data with the following purpose: “Control of the users of the website of the company.”


5.2. Rights of the Users


The user could exercise, at all times, his right of access, information, correction and cancellation of his private data. The exercise of rights will be done by mail at the Client Service, Calle d’en Draper, Number 3, Postal Code 08350, Arenys de Mar, Barcelona, Spain.


INDUSTRIAS BEC, SA. commits itself to carry out the obligation of secrete and confidentiality of the data given by the USER, and not selling, renting or transferring the private data of its USERS to third parts. Everything described previously is conform with the current legislation about the protection of private data following the Spanish legal order, satisfying also the required security level for this data and applying the security means and the reasonable technological means for reaching it with the purpose to avoid the loss, unauthorized accesses and modifications of it.


INDUSTRIAS BEC, SA. reserves the faculty to make modifications necessary in its Policy of Protection of Private Data in agreement with the current legislation of this moment.



6. Applicable jurisdiction


The Spanish Law will be applicable for the solution of any possible conflict that could takes origin as result of the visit or the navigation of the website www.bec.es or for questions that derive from the interpretation and the accomplishment of the terms included in the present Legal Terms.


The USER and INDUSTRIAS BEC, SA. agree as well to submit themselves and expressly to the judges and the courts of the city of Barcelona, with the express renunciation of any other jurisdiction that could correspond to them.

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