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The inflatable structures textile elements are thought for being easily installed, transported, dismounted and stored. They can not be replaced easily by other solutions.


 The inflatable structures can be:


- Inflatable mono-layer structures (only one skin) - Inflatable double-layer structures (beach air bed type) - Tubular Inflatable structures with membranes


In BEC, we can offer you two models of standard inflatable structures (with options) based on the tubular model with pressure and textile membranes. They can cover areas from 36 m² up to 400 m² with only 4 or 6 tubes air-filled from the extremes. This inflatable structures system is ideal for any type of outdoor activity; its design can fit with any activity. Lateral panels can be added for closing the structure and improving the comfort and the security.


We carry out custom-built inflatable structures for cultural stands, temporal events; traveling inflatable structures, personalized inflatable structures shapes (world-ball, cigarettes, mattress, etc.) and also covers for swimming pools, storing places.

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