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The technical roof is a false ceiling which can hide almost all the equipments usually placed between the floor structure and the false ceiling.


Due to its structure it maintains the contact between the upper zone of the installations and the noble inferior space.


All the lightening elements, air conditioning exits, loudspeakers, fire detectors, alarms, etc remain available in the upper part of the mesh, except those which do not require being built-in in the false ceiling. The false ceilings are easy to install, give a uniform result, do not require much labor and absorb the noise.


Its structure also gives sound absorbing qualities.


For hiding the free space and the equipments installed above the upper part and above the mesh, it is convenient to paint it in black matt.


In the case of galvanized stainless steel finishing, it is convenient to apply with a paint roller a layer of painting (Hamerite type) in order to regularize the final aspect of the mesh.

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