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Industrias BEC S.A. is a company founded in the 1972 year in Barcelona and transformed in public limited company in 1982. The company is specialized in the field of coordination, production and management of avant-garde and innovative projects: ephemeral architecture and custom-built textile architecture in the secrets of product promotion; standard solutions of textile architecture for the leisure sectors; catering sector; sport and services; promotion of corporative image; temporal or permanent expositions, museums, street furniture and cultural stands.

Industrias BEC S.A. has a large experience in the field of textile architecture and custom-built textile construction. In between all the projects, we have made a huge t-shirt of 3.000 m² for covering a building, a cover of 17.000 m² for the grass and tartan of the Olympic stadium of Barcelona, an awning with a mesh of stainless steel cables with fabrics of different colors making a logo, many sliding awnings, many air-filled buildings up to 1.900 m², covers of indoor courts, etc. Moreover we have designed and made a standard range of textile architecture (Ogigia model) for the leisure, catering and services sectors.

Industrias BEC S.A. has carried out many unique and creative projects; for example the design, the production and the mounting of the “Pabellón de la Navegación” (the most visited pavilion of the EXPO’92 in Sevilla, with a surface of 5.500 m²), the foundation stone ceremony for the Winterthur building in Barcelona, the construction of luminous columns and huge lamps for commercial halls, the production of signs elements (big glass cubes and buoys of 9 meters height), glass passable floors with pictures, the design and the production of many mobile libraries Bibliobus for different services of library in Spain, the singular illumination of the Dali Museum in Figueres for Christmas, etc.

About exhibitions projects or custom-built textile constructions, the Industrias BEC S.A. team can execute any job, from the conception of the idea up to the production of the product, the final mounting and the dismounting of the elements (with possible re-utilization of the material) if it is necessary.

In the field of textile architecture, with respect to technical and structural advising, our team counts with the collaboration of a team of specialized architects who uses the “TESS” software made by Dr. Ramón Sastre I Sastre, consultant architect and director of the technology office of the Architectural Constructions Department of the Universidad Politécnica of Cataluña (UPC), and from an idea, develops and make the calculations, the dimensioning and necessary data for determining the necessary structures and the exact pattern of the fabrics.

The company is situated in the Industrial Zone Valldegata Draper in Arenys de Mar and is in facilities of 4.000 m² used by the commercial, technical and graphic offices for carrying out the research work, architectural projects, engineering, graphical works and projects, etc. The office has exhibition and meeting rooms (audio and video equipped); a textile workshop for the cut and the confection of different textile works, using various technologies depending on the finishing’s and the needs for the work (ultrasound system, high frequencies system, etc); warehouses, spaces of 1.000 m² used for the mounting of prototypes and the pre-mounting of structures, modules for big projects.

The projects we design or we receive in Industrias BEC S.A. follow different steps of technical and esthetical feasibility, allocation of tasks, precise economical evaluation, different meetings for exchanging points of view, redaction of improving project (if it is judged useful), etc. All this with the idea to use always the lightest, cleanest and most simple materials of the market and with strong conviction of taking profit of our large experience and our professionalism up to the smallest details. When the project and the work team are defined, the ideas are developed on paper and with the help of industrial professionals from any sectors judged necessary.

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