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The outdoor Applus sliding textile panel consists in a textile panel tightened in an aluminum frame. Its installation can be performed for facades which offers a sun protection, intimacy and leaving a visibility to outside.

The textile panel is hold in the frame (aluminum profile of 42 x 42 mm) with small springs which allows absorbing small impacts and winding impulses. The springs permanently maintain the fabric tightened.

The spring shapes and the fastening system leaves the fabric lightly separated from the frame. The combination of these two components gives to the fabric a weightlessness aspect with the sensation of leaving it without support point. In the upper part the frame slides in a superior rail of 42 x 42 mm. The combination of the frame with the rail (of the same measurement and both squared) offers a strong aspect.

In order to avoid the rocking of the frame, the outdoor Applus sliding textile panel is also tied by the inferior rail. The panel can be moved thanks to the rails.

There is a large range of technical fabrics with different colors and opening coefficients in order to get the best shadow grade and the most appropriate color harmony.

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