Industrias BEC, S.A. specialized in solar protections, textile architecture and outdoor street furniture's.

BEC has a wide variety of models of awnings and awnings for verandas:


The awnings for verandas suitable as solar protection for installing on glazed surfaces, skylights.
Producers and installers of solar screens, , this type of curtains are ideal for for installing on windows, doors, balconies and facades.

Projection Screens for all electrical needs or manuals.

The sliding textile panel consists in a textile screen tightened in aluminum frame. Mounted on facades, it offers sun protection and intimacy, and keeping a view to the outside.
False Ceilings of Metallic Mesh can hide almost all the equipments usually placed between the floor structure and the false ceiling. It maintains the contact between the upper zone of the installations and the noble inferior space.
The external venetian blinds, can be controlled from inside. It is ideal for adjusting the light which entering inside. Themechanism for the external venetian blinds can be manual or motorized.
Textile architecture
BEC, designs, makes and installs a large range of products of textile architecture. With our program of textile architecture, you could cover spaces with textile solutions:
The textile covers, can be made, in function of the model chosen, with different types of technical fabrics. The arch supports the textile covers, may have the structure of wood, steel or aluminum. Installation is perfect for all types of multipurpose sports courts, para to cover special events, concerts, fairs, receptions...
We have three series of corten jardinieres ENSACOR D the internal finishing is made with sand and the external thanks to oxidation bad weather:
The mesh with stainless steel X-TEND cables can take any kind of shapes. The cables cover helps to build-up light and transparent structures. The architecture with X-TEND is transparent and innovative. It can be used for any kind of applications.
The multi-sports grounds are thought and designed as are for practicing sport.. They are ideal for installing in urban zones where there are usually no sport zones. Special modules for making easier the access for people with disability.
Adjustable Dais of Wood inside - outside
In BEC, we produce and install a system of adjustable dais, with standard models and with leveling system, from the upper part.
Carpet of wood slats, very useful for being installed in gardens and on beaches, creating ways without transversal lines. It can rolled-up, there are four different widths and 3 different lengths possible..
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